Hello! I'm Tessa Newbacher.

UI/UX Designer,
Web Developer,
& Artist

UI/UX Design & Development Portfolio



HR/Mentoring SaaS | Web & Mobile Product Design

I'm currently 1/2 of the UI/UX team at MentorcliQ, a mentoring software solution that helps organizations launch, support, and grow high-impact employee mentoring programs. Our approach drives employee participation and satisfaction through an engaging user experience and supporting training resources. MentorcliQ makes it easy to manage multiple mentoring and talent development programs from a single place.


AI SaaS/ Education | Website Design & Development

I assited the team at AlignAI with website design and development to tell a story about their product and service offers, assisting companies streamline and document their systems and data.

Union Home Mortgage

Union Home Mortgage

Mortgage/Finance | Website & Software Design & Development

During a 5-year stretch at Union Home Mortgage, I became the first in-house Front-End Developer and UX Designer. I created a design system in tandom to redesign our collection of websites for each, including UHM.com, MutualTitleAgency.com, UHMFoundation.org, and UHMDirect.com (formerly vLoan.com). In addition to customer-facing websites, I also designed a suite of web apps for our employees and internal teams to use to automate the mortgage process.

Matrix Trade Institute

Matrix Trade Institute

Startup/Education | Website Design & Development

I worked alongside the team at Matrix Trade Institute for over a year on website redesigns and lead generation. The team had an Umbraco website that needed a certified developer to help continue to make enhancements and lead generation funnels to capture prospective students' interest.

Startup Project


Startup/Mobile Education | Website Design & Development

I worked with the CEO/Founder of Verasana to design and develop a website using Hubspot CMS.

Startup Project

Command Plastic

Plastic Fabrication/Manufacturing | Website Design & Development

I worked with the CEO/Owner of Command Plastic to design and develop a website using WordPress.

Tessa Newbacher


I'm Tessa Newbacher, a multidisciplinary designer & developer. I'm passionate about designing intuitive and creative solutions through research and strategy. I have experience creating cohesive digital experiences by developing design systems for small and enterprise-level companies to uphold code and brand standards.

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